Program Details

Program Details


Contact Prosperity IQ to provide your club with a tailored fundraising platform.


Promote your fundraising platform to your membership base.


Watch as your platform generates revenue for your club.

Program Workflow



The Prosperity IQ system is completely mobile compatible, allowing club members to access fund raising and donation activities on the go.


Get detailed financial and usage reports on all your fundraising activities. Automatically generate quarterly and yearly tax reports..


Prosperity IQ provides many default fundraising activities and games, as well as generic types to run your own unique events.

Proven Results

Clients using the Prosperity IQ system have proven that they can increase fundraising revenue by 25% through improved access to members and better tracking of activities..


Clubs can utilise our unique e-commerce solutions to run sales and promotional events, from "one off" sales to standard issue jerseys and memorabilia.

Social Marketing

Reach out to your members with our social marketing and tracking tools. Keep them connected to what is happening at the club on a regular basis.