Community First

Put the profits back into your local community sporting clubs and charities.

Easy Management

Anyone can now manage their own fundraising activities with our simple to use management interface.

Expand Your Audience

Fundraising products can be purchased by anyone, anywhere in the world.

Leverage Other Clubs

Your club benefits from your members purchasing other clubs and affiliates products.

Fundraising Without Limits

Raise funds for your club 365 days of the year regardless of geography, weather or resource constraints.

Fully Compliant

Our fundraising activities are fully compliant with all local legislation in the territories where we operate.

Prosperity IQ is a worldwide fundraising initiative built to assist grassroots sporting clubs and “not for profit” organisations. The applications are designed to dramatically increase the potential audience and accessibility to purchase fundraising products that provide financial support to the registered groups.

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Easy to use

The program is fully automated so members and volunteers can focus on managing the organisation rather than attending to time-consuming fundraising activities.

All clubs and fundraising bodies are provided with online administrative tools that help facilitate seamless fundraising and financial management.

Best choice

This initiative allows clubs to raise funds 24 hours per day, 365 days of the year.

Products may be purchased by supporters anywhere on the globe.

Online tools make it easy for representatives to promote the fundraising product to their membership and supporter base.

Efficient Fundraising

Fundraising campaigns are unaffected by weather. As such, they do not carry the same risks that outdoor fundraising events may have.

Prosperity IQ fundraising applications are fully compliant with all legislation for the territories in which we operate.

How It Works

Step 1

Contact Prosperity IQ to provide your club with a tailored fundraising platform.

Step 2

Promote your fundraising platform to your membership base.

Step 3

Watch as your platform engages members and generates revenue for your club.